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Rise Up And Shine
A Proudly South African School that bases itself on Christian Values

About KingsWay Christian School

Kingsway Christian School aims to provide life-enriching opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged children who would previously have had limited options for bettering their lives.


Years in Operation

Kingsway Christian School was established in 1986 and is run as a non-profit independent primary school from Grades 00 to Grade 7. The School is partly subsidized by the Gauteng Department of Education and a greater portion of its income is through corporate and individual donations.

The School is under the control of the Board of Directors and School Management Committee (SMC) which meets monthly for operational matters and decisions. Kingsway School is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with tax-exempt status.

Donors are entitled to claim deductions in terms of Section 18A of the South African Income Tax Act.


Active learners

Our learners come from previously disadvantaged communities, mostly from the Johannesburg Northwest community in particular, the Zandspruit Informal Settlement and surrounding areas such as Cosmo City, Lanseria and Diepsloot.

At Kingsway Christian School we aim to give society learners who fear the Lord, who have a purpose in life, and who have the right attitude that will make them responsible and productive members of society. 

We believe we are achieving these aims through the following interventions;

  • Quality Pre-Primary and Primary Education within a caring Christian environment
  • Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) Aligned school curricula and school activities.
  • A free School Breakfast Nutrition Programme
  • Psychosocial Support to some of the learners who are victims of abuse and neglect.



Staff members

To achieve positive learner outcomes, we believe that our educators should be equipped with recent teaching methodologies. We always endeavour to train our educators in ICT, Trauma Management and Online SACE Accredited courses.

One of the biggest challenges we face is Educator Remuneration. Our educators are remunerated at around 80% of their government colleagues, however, despite this challenge, we have not had any staff turnover for the last 5 years.

It is our wish to have our educators remunerated at par with their government colleagues, our school greatly appreciates donations towards the payment of educator salaries.

  • Admit disadvantaged children from informal settlements and surrounding communities.
  • Provide one nutritional  meal each school day.
  • Keep our school fees as low as possible as well as providing a GDE compliant curriculum.
  • To seek sponsorships for school fees in cases where parents are struggling.
  • Employ qualified, competent, caring and committed staff who share the vision of Kingsway Christian School.
  • Maintain a culture of Christian values and encourage the development of these values in our students attitudes and behaviour.
  • Provide opportunities for our students to participate in extra-curricular activities and excursions.
  • Seek to support our learners beyond Kingsway with a sponsor-mentorship programme.
  • Provide our learners with a positive sense of self and a firm foundation for the future.
  • Provide social care through the services and expertise of our social worker.
  • Provide health/medical care through the services of various professionals.
  • Support learners who are victims of abuse, rape or neglect through networking with like-minded organisations.
  • Teach our children about the importance of taking responsibility for their lives and making wise choices.


Please contact our school for more information on our upcoming fundraiser events 

Golf Day 2024

There are various methods for you to support our next Golf Day. Kindly contact us with any information or to be notified on the date. 

Join MySchool

MySchool is a fantastic initiative that has been supporting schools and organisations such as ourselves for many years in South Africa. The concept is very easy to understand and as the slogan says – when you swipe at leading retailers every transaction supports us.

94.7 Cycle Challenge 2024

Sponsor one of our team members as we take on the 94.7 Cycle Challenge this year!