About us


The idea for Kingsway School started in the mid 1980’s with one person recognising a desperate need in their neighborhood, and having the courage to step out in faith and do something about it.

Some come from abusive homes, some are neglected, while others come from stable, albeit very poor homes.
10 full-time teachers, including a remedial teacher, a social worker and many voluntary helpers
Kingsway School is registered as a NPO and is governed solely by the appointed board of directors





Kingsway is a Christian School which aims to meet the needs of and provide life-enriching opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged children who would previously have had limited options for bettering their lives.

The aim of Kingsway is to provide quality education and holistic care to children who might otherwise not have had access to education.

  • Admit disadvantaged children from informal settlements and surrounding communities
  • Nurture physical development through providing daily meals and health care, as well as providing food parcels for needy families
  • Keep our fees as low as possible
  • Sponsor those children whose families are most in need
  • Employ qualified, competent, caring and committed staff who share the vision of Kingsway
  • Provide a GDE compliant curriculum
  • Support children in need of bridging education
  • Maintain a culture of Christian values and encourage the development of these values in our students attitudes and behaviour
  • Provide opportunities for our students to participate in extra-curricular activities and excursions
  • Encourage self-discovery of talents and interests
  • Foster the development of their potential
  • At reception level, ease the introduction of non-English speaking children to English as their language of learning and teaching
  • Network with secondary educational institutions and skills training institutions to facilitate the ongoing educational and training of our graduating students. At the same time we seek financial aid in the form of bursaries for certain institutions
  • Seek to support our learners beyond Kingsway with a sponsor-mentorship programme
  • Provide our learners with a positive sense of self and a firm foundation for the future
  • Provide social care through the services and expertise of our social worker
  • Provide health/medical care through the services of various professionals
  • Support victims of abuse, rape or neglect and educate learners about HIV-AIDS
  • Demonstrate an open-hearted caring approach to both HIV-AIDS infected and affected individuals
  • Teach our children about the importance of taking responsibility for their lives and making wise choices.